Your system is in danger!

The consistency check has detected that one or more components have been modified.

Thereby Viruses, Trojan Horses, Backdoor programs, Spy-Ware, etc. could have sneaked into your System. Also costly dialer programs may have been installed.

Your system is exposed to the following risks:

The danger of Viruses, Trojan Horses and Backdoor and Spy programs especially leads from the software piracy scene and is often found in Cracks of commercial programs. Nothing prevents a cracker from modifying the software to his advantage.
Therefore don't use illegal copies, but only offical licensed versions! Remember that all your activities on the Internet leave your IP-address. To be sure, install an unmodified version from

Support further development of your software!

Illegal copies could have triggered this alarm as well. You can read our opinion about this here.
But if you do like this software so much, why not go ahead and buy it now!