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Section: Super flux LED

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Manufacturer Color Product - Description
Cree, Inc amber Catalogue
Cree, Inc blue Catalogue
UPEC blue UE-FR300 NB
UPEC blue UE-FR500 NB
Cree, Inc green Catalogue
UPEC green UE-FR300 PG
UPEC green (pure) UE-FR500 PG
Cree, Inc red Catalogue
UPEC red UE-FR300 NR
UPEC red UE-FR500 NR
UPEC white UE-FR500NW
UPEC yellow UE-FR300 NY
UPEC yellow UE-FR500 NY
Cree, Inc white Catalogue
UPEC white UE-FR300NW
Everlight Electronics   WEB
Excellence Opto. Inc.   WEB
Foryard Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd.   WEB
Harvatek International   WEB
ISP Co, Ltd   WEB
Kingbright Electronic   Catalogue
Lumex   WEB
Optek Technology   Catalogue
Optosupply International   Catalogue
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH   Catalogue
Philips Lumileds   All in One Plug and Play Guide
Seoul Semiconductor - Acriche   Catalogue
Taiwan Oasis Technology Co., Ltd   Catalogue
Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.   WEB
Wenliang Electronics Co., Ltd   WEB