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Section: Invisible - IR & UV LED

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Manufacturer Product - Description
IR  ↑ 
Alpha-One Electronics Ltd. High Power mirror type LED
Alpha-One Electronics Ltd. High Power mirror type LED
Brite-LED Optoelectronics Inc. BL-L8IR5N30T
Brite-LED Optoelectronics Inc. BL-L9IR5N30C
Brite-LED Optoelectronics Inc. BL-L9IR5N50C
Citizen Electronics Co. Ltd. Catalogue - CITIZEN ELECTRONICS PRODUCTS 2008
Clairex Technologies Catalogue - Optoelectronic products
Everlight Electronics WEB
Fairchild Semiconductor LED55B
Fairchild Semiconductor LED55BF
Fairchild Semiconductor LED55C
Fairchild Semiconductor LED55CF
Fairchild Semiconductor LED56
Foryard Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd. WEB
Kingbright Electronic LED Lamps
Kingbright Electronic SMT LED
Lumex WEB
Opnext HE7601SG
Opnext HE8404SG
Opnext HE8807FL
Opnext HE8807SG
Opnext HE8811
Opnext HE8812SG
Opto Diode Corporation Catalogue
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH Catalogue
PREMA Semiconductor PR5001
Seoul Semiconductor - Acriche Catalogue
Stanley Electric (Co) Ltd WEB
IR - Information  ↑ 
Opnext Operating Principles of Laser Diodes and Infrared Emitting Diodes
Opnext Laser diode and IRED Handling Instructions
Opnext Laser Diode and IRED Chip Structures
Optek Technology Application Bulletin 207 - Understanding infrared diode power ratings
Optek Technology Application Bulletin 208 - A comparison of plastic versus metal packaging for infrared sensors and emitters
Optek Technology Application Bulletin 205 - Gallium aluminum arsenide - a new generation of infrared LEDs superior to a gallium arsenide
UV  ↑ 
Alpha-One Electronics Ltd. Ultraviolet (355nm~405nm)
Brite-LED Optoelectronics Inc. BL-LBUV5B15C - round - 5mm
Brite-LED Optoelectronics Inc. BL-LUUV5N38C - round - 5mm
Fox Group PLCC-2 SMD, 350nm
Fox Group PLCC-2 SMD, 360nm
Fox Group Round - 5mm, 350nm
Fox Group Round - 5mm, 360nm
Fox Group TO-18, 350nm
Fox Group TO-18, 350nm
Fox Group TO-18, 360nm
Fox Group TO-18, 360nm
OSA Opto Light GmbH SMT
ProLight Opto Technology WEB