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Section: Luxeon

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High power - Luxeon LED - All in One Plug and Play Guide
Advanced Electrical Design Models
Advantages of SnapLED 150 LED Product Compared to Other Lighting Technologies in Automotive Signal Lamps
Article - Avoiding Current Spikes with LEDs
Article - Evolutionary new chip design targets lighting systems
Article - Lumileds lance la première (France)
Article - Understanding Lab Claims about Efficiency
Benefits of Lumileds Solid-State Lighting Solutions vs. Conventional Lighting
Die 10 Mythen über LEDs und der Unterschied mitLuxeon (Germany)
Electrical Design Considerations for SuperFlux LEDs
Electrical Drive Information for Luxeon Products
Les 10 idées reçues à propos des DEL et la différence Luxeon (France)
Los 10 mitos acerca de los LED y la diferencia Luxeon (Spain)
Lumen Maintenance of White Luxeon Light Sources
Lumileds Application Overview
Lumileds SuperFlux LEDs versus Other LEDs
LUXEON Benefits Over Competitive LED Products
Luxeon DCC for LCD Backlighting
LUXEON K2 Assembly Guide
Luxeon Product Binning and Labeling
LUXEON Rebel Thermal Measurement Guidelines
LUXEON® Emitter Assembly Guide
Optical Testing for SuperFlux, SnapLED and LUXEON® Emitters
Portable Lighting Designer's Guide
Reference Design - Luxeon for Camera, Phone Flash PDA and DSC Applications
Reference Design - Luxeon® for Flashlight Applications
Reliability Considerations for SuperFlux LEDs
Secondary Optics Design Considerations for SuperFlux LEDs
Simple Steps to Solid-State Lighting
SnapLED and SuperFlux Categories and Labels
Soldering SuperFlux LEDs
SuperFlux and SnapLED Emitter Forward Voltage Data
The 10 Myths About LEDs, and the Luxeon Difference
Thermal Design Considerations for Luxeon® V Power Light Sources
Thermal Design Using Luxeon® Power Light Sources
Thermal Management Considerations for SuperFlux LEDs
Thyristor Test Considerations for P3 Series TS AlInGaP LED Chips
Using SuperFlux LEDs in Automotive Signal Lamps
Warning and Emergency Vehicle Lighting Designer's Guide
White paper - Advantages of Power LEDs in Cameraphone Applications
White paper - LEDs: Coming Soon to a Street Light Near You
White paper - The Advantages of LUXEON Flash Power LEDs versus Xenon Technology for Digital Photography
White paper - Understanding Power LED Lifetime Analysis
Wide Area Lighting Designer's Guide